Rules: Phase 5: Harvest and Further Income

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Beginning with the Starting Player each player now receives income from the Bank. There are two types of income – Harvest Payments and Further Income. Harvest Payments are made wherever there is a Farmer. Further Income comes from Provinces where there is a picture of a coin, with or without a camel. Some Provinces deliver both types of Income (e.g ABU).

Harvest Payments: For each Farmer in his Province, a player is entitled to the number of Gold indicated by Amun-Re's Temple.

Further Income: The owners of ABU and BERENIKE Provinces always receive 4 or 8 Gold. The owners of KHARGA, SAWU, and AVARIS Provinces receive 5, 7 or 8 Gold if Amun-Re's Temple is on the first or second space of the Temple Track. A camel is pictured on these spaces as well as on the Province to indicate this (the ancient Egyptians would sell camels during a poor harvest).

Note: Players receive this additional income regardless of whether they have Farmers in their Provinces or not.

Example: The Amun-Re Temple is on the second space of the Temple Track and Red owns MEMPHIS, ABU and SAWU. The position of the Amun-Re Temple means that each Farmer earns 2 Gold as Harvest Payment. SAWU also earns 7 Gold in Further Income (because of the camel).

Note: The Power Cards '8 Gold' and 'Harvest Increase' can be played in Phase 5 (see 'Description of the Power Cards').

When all players have received their Income, the next round begins at Phase 1. Phase 6 only takes place at the end of the first and second halves (rounds 3 and 6) of the game.