Rules: Phase 4: Sacrifice for Amun-Re

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Now an offering must be made to Amun-Re. The success or failure of the Harvest depends on the level of the Offering.

Each player simultaneously chooses to either offer one or more Gold to Amun-Re, or steal 3 Gold from the offering. A player may include Power Cards in the offering, which count as 1 Gold each.

When all players have made their choice, their sacrifices are revealed to all. All players offerings are added together (with 3 Gold subtracted for each player stealing 3 Gold from the offering). The Amun-Re Temple is moved to the space on the Temple Track corresponding to the Offering total.

Red:9 Gold
Blue:4 Gold
Black:-3 Gold(Steal 3)
White:-3 Gold(Steal 3)

Total:7 Gold

The Amun-Re Temple is moved to the second space on the Temple Track, because the Offering is in the 3 – 12 range.

Amun-Re now rewards the players who have brought him the largest offerings with Power Cards, Farmers and Building Stones. The player with the highest bid may take 3 items of his choice in any combination; (e.g he can take 2 Farmers and 1 Building Stone, or 3 Power Cards.) Next, the player with the second highest bid may take 2 items of his choice, then all other players who have not stolen from the offering may take one item each.

In the case of two or more players offering the same amount, the Starting player always has the advantage, or the next player following him in turn order.

A player who has stolen 3 Gold from Amun-Re's Offering is not rewarded with any items, instead receiving 3 Gold from the Bank.

Specific Rules when drawing Items:

If a player draws Power Cards, he is not bound by the Card Limit in his Provinces. If a player draws Farmers, they must be placed on unoccupied Cultivation Areas in his Province. The 'Free Farmer' Power Card cannot be played now! If a player draws Building Stones, they must be placed immediately in one or more of his Provinces. If this results in 3 or more Building Stones being in a Province, they are immediately exchanged for a Pyramid. The 'Master Builder' Power Card cannot be used now!

The player who bid the most gold will be the new Starting Player, and becomes Pharaoh. If all players stole from the offering, the Starting Player does not change. The offered Gold is put in the Bank.

Note: The Power Card 'Change the Offering' can be played during Phase 4. Following is a brief explanation, but see also 'Description of the Power Cards'.

A player selects the 'Change the Offering' card along with his choice of offering or to steal Gold. After the calculation of the value of the Offering, any player who has played a 'Change the Offering' card, beginning with the Starting Player, chooses if he wants to increase or decrease the total value of the Offering by 3 Gold. The total is then adjusted accordingly.

Note: the 'Change the Offering' card changes the total value of the offering, but does not affect the individual bid of the player playing the card.