Rules: Differences from the Board Game

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The physical Amun-Re board game uses Gold cards in the denominations 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20. These Gold cards have the same backs as the Power Cards, and players keep their hand of Gold and Power Cards secret from the other players. Players are allowed to "make change" for their Gold at any time. As a result, players must pay careful attention to keep a sense of how much Gold and how many Power Cards their opponents have.

As SpielByWeb games take a much longer absolute amount of time than the physical board game, it can be very difficult for players to remember this sort of information between turns. Since this information can be tracked on paper, or by reviewing the Game Log, I have chosen for the moment to make the amount of Gold and number of Power Cards a player has open to all players. I hope to make this a game configuration option at some point.

Also, this SpielByWeb version does not use various denominations of Gold cards. Players always have "exact change".