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Today, I read the article

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 8:41 pm    Post subject: Today, I read the article Reply with quote

Today, I read the article "Miao Miao Deco", from which I understand the principle of "doing things in accordance with the laws of the development of things, rushing for success, and often messing things up."fable of "The Seedlings" is mainly about: a farmer in Song State always worried that the crops in the field would grow too slowly, and he would pull up the seedlings one by one. When he returned home, he boasted: "Today's seedlings grow taller. I am tired of it!" His son listened and rushed to the field to see that he had all died. a result, I thought of a thing I had done to "pull the seedlings Carton Of Cigarettes." One day, my mother and I caught a donkey. It hasn't changed yet, so we put it on the window and waited for it to change. first, he had a slit on his back, and slowly slowly ascended to the top. As the gap became bigger and bigger, it was obvious that the cockroach was fighting in pain. Its yellow and tender flesh was a little bit. It was revealed, followed by six feet. I saw that the wings were tightly attached to the body, and it was kind enough to help it smash the wings. As a result, when I went to see it the next morning, its wings were wrinkled. I regretted it. I have done a bad thing myself! Later, I learned a few lessons that have been changed intact. I am very pleased.learned the text "Miao Miao Zi", I think: Although this happened to the ancients, but in today's life, violation of the law, people and things eager to seek success still exist. This practice is not advisable. Therefore, as a new era, we should be down-to-earth, seek truth from facts, follow objective laws, study hard, learn from the lessons of the ancients, and achieve a better tomorrow!Before I read this book, I was very curious and would like to ask: "How do scientists discover new elements? Is it easy?ead this book a few days later, and the book details the events of how scientists discovered new elements How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. The first is the story of Carl Duqin. Through the accumulation of experiments, he finally discovered the nature of the fire: when the fire burns very brightly in oxygen, it will slowly extinguish when the fire is in nitrogen. This is his phlogistic science.n introduced another chemist, Hanfrey David. This is a lively young man. He used only the current of the volt column to subtly decompose many compounds. After thousands of successes and countless failures, he discovered many new elements, such as sodium, potassium, and hydrogen. The chemist Mendeleev found the periodicity law based on all the elements found by David, and invented the periodic table of elements used to date.er reading this book, I gradually read out the hardships and difficulties of chemists Marlboro Gold, and I saw the hard side of chemists. I also read the answer to my question: "In fact, discovering new elements is not very simple. This process is very difficult and very difficult. They will go all out no matter what kind of setbacks and countless difficulties they encounter. To find the key to crack, you will know what to do Newport 100S. Instead of retreating and giving up when you encounter a little difficulty Newport Cigarettes Price." After reading this book, I finally understood what Edison said: "Success equals percent One inspiration plus ninety-nine percent of sweat."
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