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I play with a lot of characters in MapleStory

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PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2018 7:50 pm    Post subject: I play with a lot of characters in MapleStory Reply with quote

Why haven't they published the female version of ST? I mean, they have the sprite. If you haven't guessed by now, I'm feminine, so I believe odd to be an awesome Super-Spirit-Goku-lookin' dude with the name "Sophie" at the bottom, because like I mentioned, when ST was a art, there was a female version.

I truly expect Nexon adds the next mount for female players like myself who overlook their transformation appearance, something which is pretty much dropped to us.

In case I was not quite clear, I don't need them to MAKE one, I want them to ADD it back to the game! It was there, and now it gets no use since Kiryn (Pirate leader) doesn't Transform anymore.

Please Nexon, I missed this part of my MapleStory experience so much, I'd rejoice if I could get it...

Old Maplestory Nostalgia?

If someone is only going to post so as to complain about something I did then try sending me a private message instead. It's not necessary to generate clutter for the ribbon and I would be glad to talk about any messages which come my way.

There was once a soda pop company that changed its beverage and then later changed back to the old formula. This beverage was known as Coco cola. Can it have been the clients had a deeper connection to the elderly drink or much more nostalgia power with it? Possibly, it may have been that people were mostly drinking the soda because of nostalgia but instead of talking about pop up, I'm likely to speak about Maplestory.

I don't think nostalgia for this game can completely be captured in words. Even 300 threads or more would probably not be enough if everyone was included. Instead I could maybe talk about a little sample of it through drawing on my own experience. Players nostalgia is exceptional but also universal in some ways. People say "what is this Maple nostalgia which you talk of? I have not ever heard of it." You could say it's an attachment for the past but to be able to be accurate, I may want to make comparisons among variations. That is not to claim that one is far better than another only that they are just different.

To start with, I overlook the Aged MS loading process and sign in processes. It had been quick to begin and the signal board with mushrooms and grass in the background was magical. Today there is more to load so I guess the trade off is having to await some time, maybe not a bad thing however I prefer if the loading was faster. Developing a character was like a miniature game, perhaps not efficient but I believed it was always fun. If everybody could accommodate to the newest version then that will make all the gamers contented. What else could there be in Old MS that cannot be found in a newer version? (this is the question that I asked myself if considering nostalgia). www.4ms2.com/
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